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Princess Lyne – Humiliating My slave girl

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My slave girl came over today and I decided to have some fun with Her. First I force her to get down on all fours.. bark like a d0g… sit pretty… pant… then crawl around all over My hardwood floor while...

Stars Fetish Fantasies – The Contract – Dixie Comet, Star Nine

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Star looks down as she's studied by her new owner. She was thoroughly broken down and trained before being put to auction, but a tiny piece of her is still in there. Dixie has further training for her...

NewMFX – Let me worship your feet again

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A NewMFX lezdom foot worship video. The sub woman sucks the feet of the dom woman, for about 30 minutes, and that's pretty much it as far as a description of the contents goes.

Queensnake – Nazryana, Tanita, Diamond, Jeby – Squirt Bath

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This session was Jeby's idea. She was so persistent asking for it for a long time that finally I decided to let her have it. She is not bisexual and had never been with a girl before but loves humi...

Missa X – Kryptodick

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Brianne Blu as Flash like you've never imagined vs. Violet Monroe as Supergirl, Clit to dick growth, wet fucking with kryptodick, facial Super Girl is concerned that her fellow Supheroine, Flash, has ...

Primals Transformations – Bridgette B – Dont Make a Were Work Late

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Bridgette has been very careful with her work schedule. She comes in early, plans her days off carefully, and takes every other precaution to deal with her condition. But her new boss, Kenna, is a tota...

Dixie Comet – Craigslist Apartment Hunting Gone Wrong

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Carissa comes to look at an apartment for rent that she found on Craigslist. Dixie, the owner, shows the girl around the place...she's been waiting for the right one to show up and Carissa might just b...

Dixie Comet and Caroline Pierce – Eating Prey

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Dixie was hoping that the girl she was flirting with with the amazing ass would invite her up for a nightcap. Waiting for the perfect moment to pounce on her prey, it happens when Caroline goes to get ...

Dixiesdamsels – Lady Robber’s Revenge…Ruined FUL

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JJ starts to come around as Dixie finishes tying her up. Dixie gropes JJ's tits and ass as she tells her that she has come to find the money JJ has hidden from the slave trade ring she is in. Dixie lea...

Milf GiGi’s Bondage Fantasies – Raquel Roper – CURED OF HER ORAL FIXATION

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Pretty brunette girl next door Raquel Roper cannot seem to quit smoking. She's tried all the normal methods, the nicotine patch, pills - everything has failed and she's still smoking. Raquel read about...