Faye, Ariel Anderssen and Chloe T – Enslaved By Trust Fund Sadists

Chloe has just acquired a new property- super-cute brunette slave girl Faye! She leads her new slave into her house on a leash. Faye has to hustle to keep up with her rich socialite owner because she is locked in crotch chain, collar, shackles on her wrists and ankles and an ankle chain meaning she can only take small steps compared with her mistress’ confident strides.
Chloe has invited her friend Ariel around to assess and play with the new toy. Ariel’s hard to impress, she’s got many slaves herself and she’s always arch and superior about it. Chloe wants Faye to make a good impression when she shows her off, so she puts her through her paces to display herself before Ariel arrives.
Once her friend is here, the two trust fund sadists conduct a thorough examination of slave Faye, making her walk around on tiptoes, display herself in slave positions, present herself on the sturdy coffee table in different ways and take a beating with the riding crop on her bum and the soles of her bare feet to prove she can keep her composure. Faye is well-trained and takes it properly. So the sadists decide to ring-gag her and blindfold her and see if they can disorient her, and test the limits of her submissive training.

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