Fuuka – My First Ever Hypnotism Experience

This is a special show I recorded in HD with my camcorder and uploaded with the customer’s permission.
I agree to let someone me for the first time as long as they let me record the whole thing (FOR SCIENCE).
You cannot hear what my is telling me throughout the session, but you can see me staring at my computer screen (I was staring at his webcam that had a swirling vortex) succumbing to their spell.
They lull me into an altered state and about five minutes in, I’m completely mindless and obedient to their commands.
I’m not allowed to tell you the trigger words they taught me during this session, but one of them made my pussy wetter and wetter under my panties, and the other made me hornier and hornier.
I repeat what I’m told to in this session and do what I’m told.
I say things lke, “I. Am. H y p n o t i z e d ,”, “I. Am, Mindless,”, “I, Am. Obedient,” and answer questions when I am asked (usually yes or no questions).
I am told to masturbate (but never told to take my panties off) and I do so, until I have a big squirting orgasm with my pantes still on pushed to the side, then my hynotist uses trigger words to make me have an amazing full body orgasm that goes all the up my spine without even touching myself!
Then he wakes me up, and I say that I am awake, and I feel very relaxed and amazing as I thank him for the experience.
He asks me if I would be willing to have an experience like that again, and I happily say yes before blowing him some kisses and say goodbye then, I turn the camcorder off and the session is over.
This is completely unedited raw footage of my first hynotism experience.

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