Primals Transformations – Femme Fatale Brooklyn Chase – The Hard Sell

Brooklyn is the best at her job. When a client wants something she always delivers. Now one of her special clients wants to buy a house in an area where they secretly know property values are going to soar. The only problem is that the homeowner Mr. Markson doesn’t want to sell. He knows about the impending price boom.

But, he does look Brooklyn up and down and tell her “money isn’t everything.” Brooklyn takes the hint and soon is giving Markson the fuck of a lifetime. He uses her how he wants and then has the balls to say it is going to take more negotiations to close the deal, she was the best piece of ass he’s had and he isn’t going just let it go. Why doesn’t she come back tomorrow? Brooklyn has dealt with his type before. “Why wait ’til tomorrow, stud?” She tells him she is going to change into something sexy for him. She puts on her nylons and garter and a little “special” perfume between her thighs…

Markson doesn’t give in easy, but he can’t last forever against Brooklyn’s techniques of pleasure and pain…he gives her the deal she wants and she finally gives lets him have release, but she stops at the moment of climax smiling at his painfully ruined orgasm “I got the deal I wanted,,,and a pearl necklace..pleasure doing business with you

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