Sarah DiAvola – The Brat Princess – Stupid Bitch

I know you’ve been running your nasty mouth, and I’m putting a stop to it right now. This is going to end, bitch.

I spit in your cunt face.

Oh, you don’t know what I’m referring to? Yes you do – I know you’re an idiot, but don’t play dumb with Me, little girl. I am better and higher than you on every level. I know everything, and I have friends everywhere. People respect Me, and they do not respect you.


Because you’re a fraud, bitch! You think you can weasel into the popular group by talking smack about the coolest one? That’s not how it works, sweetie. If you could sit with Us, you would be sitting with Us. But you’re not. Nobody likes you, loser.


I slap you, over on over, on each cheek, until your skin is red and swollen, lumpy with impact bruising. Your eyes roll into the back of your head, reeling from each blow. It takes you longer to recover from every slap, and in between them, I am spitting in your fucking face. I relish this revenge, savoring every moment and delighting in your suffering and humiliation. I shove My fingers in your mouth, speading My saliva around and mixing it with the tears you’re shedding. I cover your snake mouth with My hands, so you’ll remember what to do when My name comes into your mind: you’ll shut the fuck up, bitch.



Now you’re breaking down in tears, sobbing before Me on your knees. The mascara on your eyes drips down your red-hot cheeks in a black raindrop of sorrow. I laugh.

Are you going to keep your fat fucking trap shut and keep My glorious, beautiful name out of your unworthy mouth? Yeah, that’s what I thought, stupid bitch.


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