TBFE – Lexi Belle – 0.57 Percent Unknown

Genius millionaire Ross has gone to the trouble of synthesizing materials from Solaria’s home world and has used them to create a one-of-kind compound. His end goal is to synthesize a material deadly to Solaria. Unfortunately, there is a percentage of materials unknown in the creation process, and the compound created ends up affecting Solaria in a very different way.

In a live broadcast, Ross presents Solaria with a crystal made from his new material for her life-saving efforts of weeks past. Not suspecting the crystal’s adverse effects, Solaria doesn’t realize it is significantly changing her. She finds herself dealing with a ferocious sexual appetite so extreme, it’s all consuming. More importantly, arousal at this extreme level nullifies any of her powers and results in her power suit altering to reflect her arousal. Ross identifies this unexpected effect and capitalizes on opportunity. He kidnaps her love interest and she immediately comes to the rescue. She’s tough but the effect from the crystal is a challenge she’s never faced.

With depleted powers and arousal affecting her focus, she engages Ross with the cockiness of her usual full strength. That’s her first mistake. She holds her ground and even manages to best a cybernetic version of Ross, but it’s not long before she’s being rag dolled between massive blows and unwanted groping, producing a confusing reaction of pain and pleasure that she isn’t able to get control of. Find out if she’s able to find a way out of the situation, or if her heroic antics are about to come to an end…

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