XXXtremeComiXXX – Not So Fast Violet Monroe Forced Sex

The Evil Doctor finally finds a way to capture his natural enemy The Flash by disabling her speed function with his high tech watch. As soon as her energy field is near, The Evil Doctor catches her in his dastardly trap. Soon she finds herself completelyand defenseless to the Doctor’s whims. She wakes up, short circuited by the Doctors electro pussy wand. The vibrations make her cunt gush and her chest rise in complete ecstasy. Against her will she is slapped and her breasts are fondled, her nipples painfully tugged upon for the Doctors pleasure. Now completely exhausted by the tremendous multiple orgasms that wrack her body, the Doctor thrusts his cock deep into her mouth, pumping her throat like a nuclear piston. He manipulates her speed function into hyperdrive and fucks her mouth until she gags. Flipping her on her face, the Evil Doctor shoves his long hard meat into the Flash’s fuck hole. He slides in and out of her until his fuck stick explodes all over her sexy, helpless ass.

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