Dickdrainers – Carolina’s BBC Sorority Hazing Ritual – Carolina Sweet

College is always a monumental milestone in every young girl’s life. It’s a rite of passage, where girls experience things they never would have imagined! Something that Carolina is trying to experience is that bond of sisterhood in a sorority! The sorority girls on campus are so popular, so smart, so stylish…They look good doing basically anything! Carolina knows she has the brains and the beauty to be one of them. But getting THEM to see that is taking A LOT. Yeah after so many meetings, Carolina has made it past each round…but the girls are still being kinda mean to her and making her do so much! Scavenger hunts, going shopping for them, running errands…it’s a lot and it’s REALLY starting to get to her! Her frustration has been pretty evident among her friends, her professors…she thinks that even the sorority girls are starting to notice because more than one of them, out of nowhere, reassure her that her NEXT task is going to be the one that determines whether or not she makes it! She’s in the homestretch! All she has to do now is ride it out! Now Carolina doesn’t know the nature of her next, and BIGGEST challenge. All sorority girls know that when you’re in a sorority…you have to learn to deal with fraternity boys… And her next, most important challenge…involves dealing VERY CLOSELY with a fraternity boy. He arrives at her house…anonymous…masked…with a message from her future sorority sisters. Carolina, already nervous at the sight of the grinning masked black man is rendered speechless at what she reads in the message. The question now is…is Carolina REALLY willing to do ANYTHING to join this sorority?

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