Goddess Harley – Whipping the Cuck-Fuck

My boyfriend and I are bored with this our real life cuck slave. He just mopes around like hes an emo crying about his Daddy issues. I think a beating is in order to help improve his morale.

I start off slow, I dont know that this dumbass can take it, and the last thing I need is a screaming bitch bringing in the cops on a 10-90. He moans anyway. Thats probably because hes a worthless cuck, and he knows I havent got an ounce of mercy for him. Its amazing how fun it is to for me to turn him into a pile of weeping, quivering rubble.

After Ive beat the man out of him (not that there was much of a man inside of him to begin with) I bust out my rigid single tail as a nice little denouement. You wont believe how I welt this bitch up and down his backside. What a worthless cuck-fuck LOL

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