Lady Fyre, Mallory Sierra – Batman Unmasked

A Batman, Catwoman & Poison Ivy Parody.

When we last saw our villainess Ivy, she was telling Harley Quinn how they couldn’t let Batman cum because she promised his “milk” to a feline friend of hers. After receiving a tip from one of her henchman that the police we on her trail, Ivy moved the Bats into her home and has been keeping him under her spell with a special plant blend. Catwoman is reluctant to be seen in daylight but she can’t wait to see Batman again and sneaks over rooftops, into Ivy’s home.

Ivy gives him one more dose of pheromones before sucking his cock. Ivy tells Catwoman that she’ll have to wait her turn. Ivy has first dibs because she’s been doing all the work of controlling this menace. Ivy mounts Batman and rides him until she can ignore Catwoman’s pleas no longer. The cat is eager to get another taste of her strong superhero. Catwoman devours his cock with her throat then eagerly rides him, her big tits bouncing in his face.

Though Batman is enjoying himself, he just can’t keep his mouth shut, and as he begins to come out of his stupor, he calls Pamela by name. Shocked at hearing her own name, Ivy decides it’s time to find out who this masked crusader really is. Catwoman agrees that it’s only fair. Ivy pulls off Batman’s mask and gasps, yet the two women agree they had their suspicions. Billionaire by day, masked crusader by night, identity now known to two of Gotham’s Most Wanted.

Ivy decides this is the perfect opportunity for another caper. Bruce will do their bidding or they will reveal his identity to the world. But Catwoman has her own idea about how to take advantage of this opportunity. She makes Batman cum inside her. Ivy says, “I hope he didn’t get you pregnant,” but Catwoman grins, ear to ear. “This might be my greatest caper yet… to have the heir to the Wayne fortune.” Ivy smiles back, “Oh, you ARE diabolical.”

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