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Robomeats – Timestopped My Lesbian Girlfriend

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Tegan and Victoria are lovers, but there is a small complication in their relationship: Tegan's boyfriend, Lucky. The girls are hanging out at Tegan's house, making out on her couch, when Victoria stops and...

Robomeats – Timestop 101 How To Fuck The New Girl

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Madison just got hired as Alisha's secretary. Rock and Brock, two horny guys who work with them, start talking about how hot the duo is. Brock has a timestop watch that he saves for emergencies, and after Ro...

Superheroine Underworld: The Rise of Cleopatra

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Deep below stately Jane Manor... Knightwoman ponders an ancient nemesis in the Knight Cave. The dreaded villainess Cleopatra was been awakened by an evil mummy's curse... and it's up to the caped crusader br...

Robomeats – Bachelorette Party Timestop

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Willow is a bit of a prude who is getting married soon. She's hanging out with her mom, Athena, and she is telling her how much she doesn't want to have a bachelorette party, and how she'd rather just relax,...

XXXtremecomiXXX – Jessica Jones To The Rescue

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STARRING: Lily LaBeau, Ivy Aura, and Rock Ivy is taking a nice, hot shower. She gets her slender body nice and wet and soapy, rubbing it over her tits and her pussy. She is startled when a mysterious men en...

CC Productions – Christina Carter’s Tamer II

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Tamer II, (full movie) is the second installment in The Tamer series, a fan Written and Executive Produced custom with a great story line produced only the way CC Productions can with exceptional production ...

Hypnoslaves – Brittany and Nails (part3)

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I ask the girls some questions about how long it’s been since the last time they had an orgasm and the last time that they have had sex. I then suggest that they will embrace me and feel that they are having...

Robomeats – Timestopped My Sister’s Girlfriend

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Starring Tiffany Fox and Rock Directed by Alex Dorian Rock has come home for a break from college, and his sister was supposed to pick him up at the airport, but she never showed, so he took a bus to h...

Hypno-Roulette – Fiona Nympette – Guy continues to control the girl he met through skype

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Part 2 She responds to a hypnotic trigger and s once again hypnotised. This time she is made to submit wear a collar and masturbate

Hypno-Roulette – Fiona Nympette – Girl gets hypnotized through a skype dating app

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Part 1 girl is hypnotised by static during a skype type call. She is made to undress and obey

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