Missa X - Violet Monroe - Porking Mommy

Includes: Violet Monroe, Training haughty mommy to be a pig

transformation: hooves, nose, tail, nose, teeth, ears, sex, cum shot

Mom is always going into my room unannounced to look through my stuff, then she has the nerve to tell me to pick up MY room. I’ve just turned 18, and hey– I work AND go to school, and she has the audacity to call me a pig. She acts like she is perfect when I know she spends all her money on designer clothes and designer clubs with her housewife friends, we don’t have the type of money for that, when I’ve got to pay for college on my own. I guess she wants to keep up with the Jones’ but they, at least, help out with tuition. I’m quiet when she rails me about this and that, I’ve got a trick up my sleeve.

I bought a piggy potion that makes women horny. I planned to use it on the cute, little Blonde next door, but Mom is making my cock hard in that red pencil skirt. Sure, my mom’s a real bitch, but the way she pouts her lips to smooth the gloss over her lips made me certain I used it on the right woman. Mom is an uptight milf who needs a good porking to set her straight. I’m fairly certain this broad hasn’t had sex since Bush was in office, now she’s going to see my bush, pressed up against her’s, with all 8 inches of my boy meat in her. I’m going to make her squeal!”

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  • Comunicator 3 years ago

    Firstly, congratulations for this website, you are amezing uploading this video for free,
    Can you reupload the file?
    I very interested in this kind of videos, have you more?
    I especially interested un Fresh Frozen Females Animal hypnosis videos

    • Fetishman 3 years ago

      your are most welcome buddy, sure we have a huge collection of “FFF” they would be uploaded here gradually

  • Thanks for the video, can you please reupload the file? For some reason it isnt working anymore

    • Fetishman 3 years ago

      sorry man its not our side, issue is regarding to video hosting, at this moment we don’t have the time for re-uploading videos