Lucy’s Sweaty Gym Feet Seduce Sasha – Sasha Foxxx And Lucy Purr

Starring: Sasha Foxxx, Lucy Purr

Lucy and Sasha have just gotten back from the gym. They are super sweaty and go to relax on the couch. Lucy still has her gym socks on and boy are they sweaty! She peels them off and remarks on the smell. Sasha has a big grin on her face and can’t stop staring at her roomies feet. Lucy can;t believe how bad they are but Sasha tells her they aren’t that bad and says she’ll prove it! Sasha bends down and gives them a whiff. Lucy can’t believe she isn’t grossed out by her stinky gym feet, then Sasha does the unimaginable and talks a lick. “Did you just lick my foot!?!?” Lucy exclaims. Sasha then comes clean, she loves Lucy’s feet and would do anything to worship them. Lucy reluctantly agrees to let her go to town on her soft size 8 peds. Sasha immediately gets down and starts licking, kissing and sucking all over her feet seductively. Sasha savors the salty goodness as she passionately gets into it. Lucy starts to relax soon enjoying every sensation from Sasha’s tongue bathing her feet in her saliva. These two make a HOT duo in this smoking hot g/g foot worship scene

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